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Traxxas Revo & T-Maxx Air Filters
Revo & T-Maxx RC Air Filters
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New Large Revo & Slayer 2.5 / 3.3 Air Filter  Part No. RT80

  • Increased surface area for even better breathing and less clogging
  • New very fine micron screen keeps out dirt better than ever before
  • Wide range of conditions: from wet & muddy to very fine powdery dust
  • Spring-loaded bracket allows air filter to be taken off and on very easily and eliminates spur gear rubbing caused by high impact or the air filter moving

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New Large T-Maxx 2.5 / 3.3 RC Air Filter  Part No. TMX80

  • Increased surface area for even better breathing and less clogging
  • New very fine micron screen allows for much longer run times with
    less foam replacement making it more economical
  • New air filter front deflects dirt keeping inside foam cleaner longer
  • Spring-loaded bracket allows filter to be taken off and on very easily

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Foam Element for Large Air Filters

Fits new 'Large' Motor Saver filters 151661, 151691, RT80, SAV100, TMX80 and other RC air filters with large center through holes, such as ofna. Comes un-oiled or pre-oiled.
Pack of 2........ Part No. 8FM2
Pack of 6........ Part No. 8FM6

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Extended Neck Cap  Part No. 8XCP

  • Replacement cap for RT80 and 151691L
  • Optional extended neck cap for all other 'Large' Motor Savers
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Regular Neck Cap   Part No. 8RCP

  • Replacement cap for 'Large' Motor Savers 151661, 151691, SAV100 and TMX80
  • Optional cap for RT80

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High-Impact Cap for 1/8 Scale Off-Road RC Filters  Part No. 8OFCP

  • Extra gripping power
  • Cap won't come off even with high impact and rollovers
  • Replacement cap for 151660, 151690, RT60, SAV90 and TMX60
  • Optional cap for 1516ST and JTST

Note: You may shorten the legs 1/8" for easier removal on on-road air filters.

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Traxxas T-Maxx Pro .15 Engine
T-Maxx Pro.15 Engine
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1/10 Scale R/C Air Filter for T-Maxx Pro .15  Part No. 1060

  • Fits under the T-Maxx body on the Pro .15 engine
  • 60° long base fits 10mm and 11mm carburetors
  • Super duty cap can be used with this 60° base with no
    restriction to the spur gear and transmission

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Super Duty 1/10 Scale R/C Air Filter T-Maxx Pro .15  Part No. S1060

  • Fits T-Maxx with Pro .15, 10mm and 11mm carbs
  • Comes with Dust / Mud / Raid Deflector


1/10 Scale Foam for 10mm & 11mm Carburetors (3)   Part No. 10FM

  • Replacement foam for 1/10 scale air filters for 10mm and 11mm carburetors
  • Pack of 3
  • Comes pre-oiled

NOTE: Does not fit 1516ST or JTST, use 8ONFM.


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Super Duty Cap - Dust / Mud / Rain Deflector  Part No. MS0215

  • Super duty cap helps deflect mud, dirt and rain for going directly into the air filter
  • Has a bit of noise reduction
  • Replacement cap for S1045, S1060 and S1145
  • Optional cap for 1/10 scale RC air filters for 10mm and 11mm carburetors:
    10ST, 1045, 1060, 11ST, 1145 and 1160


Cap for 1/10 Scale with 10mm & 11mm Carburetors  Part No. 10CP

  • Replacement cap for 1/0 scale air filter with 10mm or 11mm carburetors:
    10ST, 1045, 1060, S1045, S1060, 11ST, 1145 , 1160 and S1145

NOTE: Does not fit JTST or 1516ST, use 8ONCP.

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