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New Large T-Maxx 2.5 & 3.3 Nitro RC Air Filter - Motor Saver
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New Large T-Maxx 2.5 & 3.3 Air Filter, TMX80
NEW T-Maxx 2.5R & 3.3 RC Air Filter  


New T-Maxx RC air filter was completely redesigned. We increased the surface area as much as possible allowing for even better breathing and less clogging. This RC air filter has a new very fine micron opening that keeps out dirt better than ever before. Our plastic is specially formulated exclusively for Motor Saver air filters for extreme lightness.

We made a spring-loaded bracket that allows for the air filter to be taken off and on very easily. The filter has two body clips: one to hold the bracket on and one to hold the air filter tightly together.

Part No. TMX80

This RC air filter does not fit REVO's. Click here for the new Revo air filter

The outer screen dramatically cuts down dirt penetration into the two inner foams increasing the life of the foam between cleanings. You can expect longer run-times between cleaning inside foam.

This RC air filter is sold with a small neck cap. Inside foam comes pre-oiled. Foam can quickly be removed and easily cleaned.

TMX80 + Foam Value Pack Options:

This new RC air filter has more surface area than our previous model. The new screen allows for a wide range of conditions from wet and muddy to very fine powdery dust. Foam air filters clog much quicker and need to have the foam changed out frequently. The new very fine micron screen allows for much longer run times with less foam replacement making it more economical.

Outside screen has a new tighter micron opening that repels more dirt than previous models. The screen is also designed not to absorb moisture.

Inside oiled foam has seals around rim top and bottom and through center hole for tight seals from any dirt penetration.

Outer foam will not get as dirty as quick.

The new Motor Saver filter has a new front to deflect dirt. The foam is encapsulated in a tight sealed screen allowing for better sealing and less cleaning.

The foam element is economical and comes in packs of 2, 6 or 12 un-oiled. Elements have a large center hole, which fit other 1/8 scale nitro RC air filters with large center holes.
Pack of 2....... Part No. 8FM2
Pack of 6........ Part No. 8FM6
Part No. OS1405

The Outer Saver is designed for additional protection of the Motor Saver filter. The Outer Saver can be easily removed without removing the filter. This makes it very convenient for fast cleanup and reinstallation.

The Outer Saver screen is the same screen used on 'Large' Motor Saver models that repels water, dirt and fine dust.

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